MARRIAGE HACKS: 25 ways to make love last

The more I interact with couples, the more clear it becomes that marriage is an increasingly unnatural and confusing ‘craft’ for many today.

In light of this, I recently asked a handful of my favorite married influencers and thinkers for their single best piece of advice for marrieds today. The level of insight and wisdom that came back to me was overwhelming.

And now, its all yours for free.



MARRIAGE-HACKS-PROMOMarriage Hacks is a compilation of the best marriage advice for young people from 25 leaders including:

  • Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages
  • William Paul Young of The Shack
  • Gary Thomas of Sacred Marriage
  • Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On
  • Jeremy Cowart, Celebrity Photographer
  • Jonathan Jackson, Emmy-Award-Winning Actor
  • And many more…

The book speaks to some of the most common questions in marriage including…

  • how to keep things from never going stale
  • how to handle personality differences
  • how to cultivate emotional intimacy
  • how to spice things up in the bedroom
  • what to do when your spouse isn’t as intentional in your relationship as you are
  • and more…

Marriage Hacks is for those of us that could use a little help in navigating this unique practice.

If marriage is hard for you at the moment, this read will simply comfort you to know you’re not alone.

If marriage is amazing and fruitful, it will help you sustain.

If marriage is confusing, it will offer some insight on this unique union.

If marriage feels pointless, it will add purpose and depth.

Hope it helps!





  • Jennifer Pepito

    I really enjoyed Marriage Hacks, we love Barry and Lori Byrne and their marriage advice and were thrilled to see their advice included.
    I also was brought to tears by Christa Blacks article. It was so beautiful and brave, a big hurrah to her for living with nothing hidden.