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RETHINK MARRIAGE invites a reader into a conversation, marked by four ideas, that attempts to challenge the “stale brand” of modern marriage and re-envision what it could be in our culture and lives. Its author, Tyler Ward, uses an honest and practical approach, to unveil unique perspectives and challenge us to rethink the way we approach marriage. Regardless of where you are today – pre-marriage, married or divorced – this book promises that you’re four ideas and 21 pages away from a healthier and happier view of matrimony. Click Here to Download.





[issuu backgroundcolor=FFFFFF pagenumber=2 documentid=130320222510-98ddb827ae1b46ee8c92839a24b55b06 docname=rethink_marriage_-_intro_only username=tylerwardis loadinginfotext=RETHINK%20MARRIAGE showhtmllink=true tag=ebook width=690 height=488 unit=px](Click for Full Screen View)

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  • Neema Mwingu

    Is anyone having problems with downloading this book? I have tried several times without success. I wonder if its a devise issue, i have with windows 7 and Ipad. Could someone help share the PDF version via email? Would appreciate…tnanks.

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  • http://nill olakunle oladiran

    Thiis is really helpful to marriage,if this can gain more popularity,there would be decline in divorce rate.

  • tyler ward

    Could be the endorsement ever. Thanks.

  • Uriel

    This is quite expository. Thank you helping some of us have a better picture of marriage. Thanks again

  • Jo_marilyn Paradis

    I’ve clicked to download, subscribed but still can’t access the resource. Is it still available? thanks!