Marriage Rebranded in the world…

Marriage Rebranded shipped on July 1,2014. Here are updates on its journey into the world…

July 25 | Marriage Hacks, a compilation of marriage advice from influencers I met while writing Marriage Rebranded, is downloaded 3500 in less than 2 days.



I recently asked a handful of married influencers and thinkers for their single best piece of advice. The level of insight and wisdom that came back to me was overwhelming.

Apparently, its advice many are hungry for. I launched an eBook two days ago and the response has been incredible. Download it here:



July 23 | Feedback from readers continues to make it all worth it…

“After almost 5 years of marriage and having 3 wonderful children in that time, I am exhausted, drained and have no idea how to keep giving my husband and children what they need and want…We read the other marriage books and we know each others love languages—but nothing changed. However, the way you have put all these things I vaguely knew, read before, and felt together in this book, revolutionized the way I look at my marriage and gave me the hope I so desperately needed that we can get through this!” – Simone, Netherlands (Amazon Review)

“From the moment I started reading this book, I was nodding and thinking “Yes! This!” to everything Tyler shared… There is so much to learn through his exhaustive research and faithful perspective on communication and fulfillment through the Unnatural art of loving. I am highlighting so many helpful truths to re-read and practice in my own marriage and also passing on to many who struggle in several areas he mentions. This would be a great book for a marriage small group/counseling or a wonderful read for any married couples young or old- who want to pursue a deeper joy and love in their ‘forever’ together.” – Chris Carter (Amazon Review)



July 13 | Marriage Rebranded gets National TV time on Fox & Friends.


I was invited to discuss common misconceptions that Millennials bring to marriage on Fox & Friends this past week. Beyond the fun (and intimidating) experience, it apparently pushed a couple books. On that day, our Amazon ranking jumped from #15,000 to #202! Too fun. (Will post video when/if it goes live)



July 12 | More readers chime in…

“I asked God to help me with my struggling relationship, and He gave me this book. Very insightful! Answered a lot of questions while offering some.” - Nathaniel Falkenstein (Amazon Review)

“Each page and at least one or two parts I highlighted.” - VMG (Amazon Review)

“This book did more for our marriage than any other we have ever read. It is a must read for newly weds or soon to be’s, but it’s just as engaging and honestly challenging for people a little further down the road as well.” - I Meek (Amazon Review)

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July 10 | Marriage Rebranded gets Nashville local TV time with Channel 4 News.

WSMV Channel 4



July 9 | Marriage Rebranded on Slater Radio

Listen here.


July 8 | Marriage Rebranded makes The Chris Fabry Live Radio Show.


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Chris Fabry was kind enough to invite me on his show to answer questions from callers. The question asked to callers? What was the biggest struggle in the first five years of marriage.



July 7 | Marriage Rebranded featured by several great online publishers…

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Huffington Post:


Relevant Magazine:

Gary Thomas:

XXX Church:

Happy Wives Club:



July 5 | Apparently, everyone knows.

What started as a stupid joke turned into a marketing campaign.
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July 2 | Marriage Rebranded jumps to #2 on Amazon for Christian Dating and Relationships on day two!



July 2 | Marriage Rebranded on Gary Chapman Radio.



Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, was kind enough to have me on his radio show today. We chatted about misconceptions young people bring to marriage, if God wants us to be happy in matrimony, and how to use conflict to strengthen a marriage. Love Gary. It will air in mid-Sept.




July 3 | First round of readers begin to feedback…

Few things excite a fifty-something writer more than coming across a thirty-something writer with equal passion who is gifted and poised to further explore the spiritual side of marriage. Readers of Sacred Marriage should be poised to embrace the debut effort of Tyler Ward, whose book, “Marriage Rebranded” is released today.” Gary Thomas, Author of Sacred Marriage

“Marriage Rebranded is more than an informational read. I believe it has the potential to transform relationships and marriages now and for future generations. It’s one of those books you’ll want to keep on hand to reference and re-read, to be reminded of the beautiful journey – not destination – that marriage was designed to be.” Rachel Kemper

“This book’s beautiful and thoughtfully designed cover is a perfect reflection of the beautiful and thoughtfully written content found inside.” Faith Woodward

“I genuinely wanted to read the next page and the page after that of Tyler’s book about marriage. Tyler, thank you for making yourself vulnerable enough to examine and address many of the things many couples neglect—to their own determinant.” Zachary Hamilton, married 5 years

“Tyler Ward—one of the most compelling voices on the topic of love that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting—doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s realistic and honest, but he also sees so much good and hope for the important things in this world. Read his book.” Nate Bagley,

“I always thought reading a marriage book meant admitting that I had something wrong with my marriage or worse, that it would create a problem that didn’t exist before. So naturally I avoided them like the plague. But after reading the first pages of this book, I immediately regretted not reading Ty’s work sooner. Marriage Rebranded is a quick read and it’s packed with actionable things you can do with your spouse to have a better marriage.-Not just a bunch of philosophy talking down at you.” Joel Widmer, married 4 years

“This book not only speaks to marriage but it’s a reminder that if we invest in human-ness, heart, emotional health, love, and create a strong beating heart in the core of our lives, then giving will create productivity.” Joyce Yu

“There are few books that speak both to the mind and heart simultaneously and that is exactly what Marriage Rebranded does.” Phillip Larue

Every review counts! If you’ve read it already, a review would mean the world! Click here.


June 11 | Marriage Rebranded featured on Huffington Post!


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