Dropping the If Bombs.


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How I learned that love isn’t weakness.


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The 15 second kiss experiment.


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Happily ever after isn’t the point of marriage.

An excerpt from my book, Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person. (Read time: 5 mins)


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The secret to marriage never going stale.

A guest post by Jeff Goins.


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Learning to be naked.

A guest post by Christa Black.


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Marriage isn’t just a choice.

MARRIAGE HACKS: 25 ways to make love last

The more I interact with couples, the more clear it becomes that marriage is an increasingly unnatural and confusing ‘craft’ for many today.

In light of this, I recently asked a handful of my favorite married influencers and thinkers for their single best piece of advice for marrieds today. The level of insight and wisdom that came back to me was overwhelming.

And now, its all yours for free.


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Marriage Rebranded in the world…

Marriage Rebranded shipped on July 1,2014. Here are updates on its journey into the world…

July 25 | Marriage Hacks, a compilation of marriage advice from influencers I met while writing Marriage Rebranded, is downloaded 3500 in less than 2 days.



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7 Reasons I think you should read Marriage Rebranded.

Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person is out today (July 1)!

And I may be biased, but here are 7 reasons I think you should buy, borrow, or steal a copy of it very soon. (preferably buy)

1) It’s not boring.


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Marriage Rebranded Book Trailer (PREMIERE)

If you have a spare 96 seconds—press play, enjoy, and share.

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Why marriage is hard.

 Love is a burning flame. - J Cash, Ring of Fire


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